Goldring Gulf Distributing

Destruction of Goldring Warehouse due to Hurricane Michael

To our valued retailers,

This past week Hurricane Michael unleashed on the Florida Panhandle with catastrophic damage to our area. Our employees, our facility and many of you, our retailers were directly affected by this storm. Our warehouse on Mulberry Avenue in Panama City was completely destroyed. Fortunately we followed our emergency plans and we were closed for the storm, as a result the building was empty and no one was injured.

At this time our primary focus remains on taking care of all of our employees that live in the Panama City area to make sure they are safe and their immediate basic needs are met. Simultaneously we are utilizing the resources from our other distributor houses in Milton, Mobile, AL and Montgomery, AL areas to continue running our operation in Panama City to service our customers. We know that like us many of you are trying to pick up the pieces of what remains after the storm and to get your own businesses up and running. We want you to know that we are here and ready to provide our services.

Our plan in place is to primarily run the portion of our territory previously serviced by the Panama City operation out of our Milton facility. We are not waiting for power or cell service to return, currently we have team members and supplier partners from all over our territories in your market. Our team is committed to getting product back in your buildings and onto the shelf. We are continuously and meticulously making calls and reaching out to find out who is open and who needs service. Our trucks will begin leaving the warehouse bright and early Tuesday morning with our first post storm deliveries to Panama City. We ask that you communicate any needs you have at this time to your Goldring Gulf Representative or please call our main office in Milton at 850-432-9883. We will work to get you taken care of immediately so that your lives may continue and you can feed your families and your employees.

I would be remiss if I did not mention our amazing employees at this time of turmoil and chaos, I am so proud of our team. We have so many dedicated and caring people who have immediately and instinctively reacted to assist in this situation. Our joint passion and resolution will get us all through this terrible situation.

Elliot B. Maisel
Chairman and CEO
Gulf Distributing Holdings, LLC

Goldring Gulf Distributing, LLC was formed in July of 2001 with the merger of Gulf Distributing Company of Florida LLC and N. Goldring. Goldring Gulf Distributing, LLC is a multi line beverage distributor that is represented in the Florida Panhandle by distinct selling divisions.

The Goldring Gulf Distributing Division is a complete beverage distributor representing such companies as the Miller Coors Brewing Company, Heineken, Corona, Guinness, Red Bull , 7-UP and Snapple, among many others.

Goldring Gulf Distributing Company is part of Gulf Distributing Company Holdings LLC, our parent company. Gulf Distributing Company of Mobile LLC, Allstate Beverage Company, Inc. of Montgomery, Alabama and Energy Beverage Management LLC in Mississippi are also part of Gulf Distributing Holdings LLC.